Rini van Ooijen

Rini van Ooijen

Rini van Ooijen

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Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing is a broad concept. Below you can find my work activities within the field. I focus on business analysis, data warehouse architecture and interim (project) management.




A business analysis defines the objectives an organisation has and what strategy can be used to achieve them. In order to determine the extent to which the objectives can be achieved, (key) performance indicators are established.


During a business analysis, the definitions of the performance indicators are established and the data necessary for reporting the performance indicators is determined. Of course this involves more than simply reporting KPIs. Read more…



Business intelligence and data warehouse projects are reorganization projects and that places demands on project management with respect to changes in organisation processes, IT and possible resistance. Project management ensures that all these aspects are managed within time, money and quality constraints. Read more…


Many organisations decide to focus on core tasks and outsource IT developments and management to third parties. This also applies to business intelligence and data warehouse environments. Numerous advantages lie ahead including: cost savings, flexibility in the possible scale up of the environments and access to specialised knowledge. But there are pitfalls. Read more…